The original Beardos reunite at the 2008 Claire Lilienthal School annual May Fair fundraiser (above), 15 years after their first performance at the same event and 8 years after the band dissolved at the end of 1999, terrified by the prospect of having to carry on into the next millennium. Note the three obviously fake beards.

Clearly unable to take a hint, we showed up again at the 2011 May Fair (below).

Below that, at the 2012 May Fair we ask the musical question, "Who you callin' chicken?" (as the chickens ask, "Who you callin' Beardo?")

Next, Dennis and Michael perform without Peter Beardo at the 2013 Mayfair, with a guest shot by Gary Beardo, in his role as
"The One and Only, the Only One and Only Slim Guy Legend."

Beardos Lite: Dennis, Peter, and Michael (2014); Dennis, Gary, and Michael (2015).

In 2016, we weathered the weather.
If we can't get thunderous applause, we'll settle for thunder.

In 2017, we were joined by a harmonica consultant--who returned for a progress check in 2018.

The Beardos - 2  = The Beardo Brothers
Slim Guy Legend
Dennis and the Horse He Rode In On
The Trio Tossing Around the Pigskin During a Break
Dennis Gets 'em Dancing
Michael Monitors
Peter's Kimchi Consumption
All the Carnival Midway Classics:
Food and Drinks!
Dennis "Harmonica Man" Beardo
Michael "Remain Seated Until the Song has Come to a Comnplete Stop" Beardo
Gary "Auctioneer" Beardo
Is the llama laughing with us or at us?
During our set, Gary and Dennis discuss the merits of using Thompson's Water Seal as guitar polish.
Peter and Dennis enjoying the music of
Planet 17, the precocious band of 12-year-olds  who preceded us.
"Were we that good when we were their age?"
"Were we ever their age??"
Dennis, Gary, and Michael after our set. (By this point, Peter had wisely decided that warm and dry beat cold and soggy.)
Michael's ukulele soaking up the
tropical humidity.
Dennis Beardo's grandson Rory advises Dennis on his harmonica technique.
"That's probably not how I would have done it. But fine. For now."

Rory returned the following year (below) to check his student's progress.