Dennis Beardo—aka Dennis Cabral, aka Mr. Dennis—is not only a talented musician, singer, songwriter, and raconteur (sometimes pronounced "racketeer") but also an innovative visual artist. Selected Dennis works will be on exhibit, and for sale, at San Francisco's Cafe St. Jorge this September and October.      

Dennis, who works in various media, including "found" materials from nature, cryptically describes his artistic approach this way: "Sometimes the pieces put themselves together."

Legend has it that Vincent van Gogh sold only one painting in his entire career, so if at least a couple of you Dennis fans buy a piece at this exhibit, Dennis will have surpassed van Gogh's lifetime commercial success by at least double. Just saying.

The Art of Dennis Beardo
September 8 - October 13 2016
Cafe St. Jorge
3438 Mission Street
San Francisco
"Little Big Horn River"
"Crop Circles from 30,000 ft."
"Riding Night Herd"
A Few Examples