On August 10, 2016, we welcomed the latest addition to the
Beardo Brothers family. as
Rory Michael Rogan was born to Dennis Beardo's daughter Emily and her husband, Sean.
(Before Rory's birth, Dennis had urged Emily and Sean to name him Crazy Chester...but saner heads prevailed.)

On February 5, 2017, The Beardo Brothers family lost  Susan—Michael's wife and partner of 40 years... our most stalwart supporter...a beloved and loving friend, mother, and sister...an inspiration to her  students...a woman who, every day, felt blessed to be in this beautiful world and who blessed us all by beautifully being here.
Family and Friends
Uncle Joe: The Man and the Legend
Hall of Fame
Dennis toasts Rory's
arrival with the appropriate appellation.
Rory and Grandpa a year later. They grow up so quickly. Rory looks older, too.
Beardo Brothers: The Next Generation

And on February 19, 2019, Ava Elizabeth Rogan joined us.
She and Dennis are both in good hands.
Hole in One